We Are Christ AiR


Christ Air Will Fuck You Up

Bigger than Jesus and nastier than Trump on a bad hair day, Christ Air floats like a battleship and stings like a barracuda. These skateboard thugs pack more energy into a single song than most bands put into an entire album, so be aware that what goes up does not always come down. Like a rocket shot into space, Christ Air defies gravity and sneers at conventional physics. Mighty forces are at work here—forces beyond puny mortal laws.

Christ Air follows traditional old school crossover such as Suicidal Tendencies, Crumbsuckers, Corrosion of Conformity, and Beyond Possession. Add a dash of ’87 Bay Area thrash and a splatter of Thrasher Skate Rock III and a picture begins to emerge. Guitar heavy with a sonic rhythm section and howling vocals, Christ Air is not the band you bring home to Mom unless you want her to take up skateboarding. Kids, don’t try these tricks at home.

At the end of the day, Christ Air is louder than life and scarier than Christian Hosoi on bath salts. [...] Those of you not yet familiar with these maniacs will soon learn that gravity is merely an abstract concept and not something carved in stone. Grab a board and hit the skatepark.

-- Chris Walter, GFY Press


Vocals / John "Jonzo" Tsolinas (ex-Fratricide & Hong Kong Blonde)
Guitar / Ashley Blue (ex-Strapping Young Lad, Unit 187, Fuel Injected .45 & Minority)
Bass  /  Dan Walters (ex-Fratricide & Death Sentence)
Drums / Stephen Gunn (ex-Old Derelicts)



Christ Air EP

by Christ Air

Christ Air is located in Vancouver, BC.

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